PS5 DualSense Charging Station

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RELEASE DATE 19/11/2020


In addition to its sleek look, the new DualSense controller’s battery life is another huge factor that makes it better than the older generation’s DualShock 4. Regardless of how good its battery life it may be, it’s an inevitable fact of gaming that most hardcore gamers will run out of juice during intense gaming sessions. 

While you can always connect your controller to your console via a USB-C cable, having a cable lying around in the middle of the room can be dangerous and create an unorganized look. DualSense charging station shares the same color scheme with the controller, creating an overall pleasant aesthetic.

You can easily place your controller on a charging station while you aren’t gaming and make sure that your controller’s battery is full whenever you’re ready to play games. This charging station can hold up to two controllers, making it a solid pick unless you own more than two.